Pastes, Solutions & Suspension

For the animal who prefers a non-solid oral dose, we can compound medications into various paste, solution, or suspension.

Flavour(s) can be incorporated into these dosage forms easily to make it more palatable.

We have many choice of flavourings that will cater to even the most picky pets.
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We can compound precise doses of medication which we then encase in a gelatinous non-flavoured capsule.

Combining different medications into one capsule is a good option to reduce dosing frequency. Capsule size is dependent on the strength of the medication, and we always provide the smallest possible capsule size to make dosing for owners and their pet(s) a breeze.
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Topical Preperations

Medications can be compounded into topical cream, gel, lotion, ointment, paste to target specific site affected.

We have an extensive list of antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, dental, local anaesthetic, Otic and wound care preparations to suit the treatment plan for your pet.
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Transdermal Applications

Medications are compounded in a trans-dermal base, that regulates and enhances drug permeation through the stratum corneum, making it very effective in delivering the medication into the bloodstream.

It is particularly suited for pets and owners who struggle with oral administrations.

Our Compounding Pharmacists are able to compound a wide variety of medicines into Transdermal Applications to meet any individual needs.
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