What is Vitamin D?

There are two significant forms of Vitamin D that are necessary for humans.

One is Vitamin D3 (colecalciferol) the most commonly known form of vitamin D which is formed in our bodies when the sunlight penetrates our skin.

The second Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) which is found in a small range of foods derived from plants.


Why is Vitamin D Needed?

Due to increase sun safety practices and less time spent out doors Vitamin D deficiency is most often found in children.

Importantly, Vitamin D aids the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus from the small intestine and assists bone mineralisation, too little Vitamin D can result in soft bones in children, and misshapen bones in adults. 

Vitamin D assists the human body in many different area from pregnant and lactating mothers needing more Vitamin D and Calcium to ensure enough nutrition for their developing baby.

Are you Vitamin D deficient?

It is recommended to ask your doctor for a simple Vitamin D test, due to vitamin D deficiency mostly found within children it is important to make sure you maintain your Vitamin D levels while planning to get pregnant or while pregnant to help the child's health and well being in the long run.

We compound Vitamin D in all strengths prescribed by your doctor. Proprietary products are only available in 1000iu per dose in Australia.

Speak to your Doctor or health care professional today to find out more. 

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