Webster Packaging

What is Webster Packaging?

Clinicare Compounding Pharmacy offers an easy solution to managing your medications. Webster Packaging (Webster pack) is individually sealed compartments that are tailored to help you remember when to take your medication while also;

  • Helping reduce the risk of taking to much.
  • Helping you remember when to take the medication.
  • Helping you control your medication more.

Mistakes and mix ups with taking many different medications can be made which can lead to serious health issues or hospital admission. Webster packs can help patient have better control over medication to prevent the likeliness of something happening.

Who Should Use Webster Packs?

Ask our highly trained friendly Pharmacist today if Webster packs would be suitable for you.

How Do I Arrange a Webster Pack?

Arranging a Webster Pack is easy, come in to one of our Clinicare Compounding Pharmacy locations and speak to our highly trained friendly pharmacist that will be able to put together a Webster Pack for tailored to your specific need to reduce adverse drug interactions.

Webster Packing services available at a low cost of $4.

Contact or visit one of our Clinicare Compounding Pharmacies today to find out more.